Computer Training Courses

With advent of 64bit technology and multi-core), software has become extremely powerful. However it is estimated that businesses use less than 10% of their software’s capabilities because of lack of training. Now that the Pentium I5 and I7 has arrived even more powerful packages are being released but business will probably fail to benefit from them simply through lack of training on how to use them. Couple this with the fact that 90% of system failures is due to operator error (again through lack of training) then you have two good reasons for getting your staff trained in the proper and efficient use of the software and their computers. You have invested a gtreat deal of money in your computer system so why not get the best return on your investment. We offer courses on Microsoft Software (e.g. Office 97, Excel, Access, Word etc.), Internet (How to Market on the Net, P.A.S.C.:-Pro-Active Search and Contact, E-mail, File Transfer Protocol, Net Safety & Security etc.). A more detailed list of courses with duration and cost is available by post or fax.

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